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Assessing your learning needs is not something to be worried about. Our friendly team are always here to help to guide you through the process. The first step is getting to know more about you and how you learn, before exploring how we can provide assistance to help you study more effectively.

  • “I am so glad I chose Broadbent & Co for my needs assessment! From the initial phone call to arrange an appointment, I noticed they were very helpful and accommodating to offer me a suitable time to fit in with uni which was reassuring. To be honest I was not looking forward to the needs assessment, as I found the whole dyslexia process lengthy and a real challenge and with all these concerns I unsure what this next stage would bring.

    Well, my needs assessment was the best experience! This was the first time I actually felt someone genuinely wanted to help, listen and support me with the difficulties I was facing in my studies. My assessment was very thorough and I felt comfortable with discussing my challenges with my assessor who really gave me a sense of confidence in dealing with my assessment and report. I really appreciate the efficiency in processing my report and how I was kept up to date with emails from the team. Overall I want to say a very BIG THANK YOU to my assessor for the support and all the assistance I received, I am so pleased to have been assessed by Broadbent & Co!”

    Birmingham Student N/A
    Our Response

    Thank you for your feedback submission.

  • I had an assessment a few months ago. I’m not very good using a computer. The receptionist at Broadbent company helped me sort everything out after I had my assessment. The things that needed completing on the computer were too difficult for me to do. When I rang Broadbent’s company the receptionist offered straight away to help with the computer things. I am very grateful. Everything has been sorted out for me and my support worker is now being arranged for the start of course on 6th October. The receptionist was lovely and knows absolutely everything about computers. They didn’t mind helping at all. Thank you very much

    Huddersfield student N/A
    Our Response

    Thank you

  • I was really nervous about my DSA assessment because I didn’t know what to expect – I thought it would be like a test- but the assessor was so helpful and explained that they were there to help me get the equipment and support I needed to achieve my degree. I got more from the assessment than I was expecting to. I was given some really useful software, assistive technology and advice. The assessor was also very helpful at following up on any issues I had with the equipment/support I was provided. Definitely don’t be worried and get your DSA assessment done because it’s so helpful.

    Bournemouth student N/A
    Our Response

    Thank you.

  • Prior to my assessment, I was incredibly nervous and did not know what to expect. The assessor quickly put me at ease and explained the process and details in a calm and timely manner. We later discussed any worries and issues I had and formulated a plan to help combat this. I had a positive experience with the company and would highly recommend them.

    Newcastle student N/A
    Our Response

    Thank you, your feedback is appreciated!

  • My experiences with Broadbents can only be defined as excellent. The idea of “Going the extra mile” may be a Roman one, but this company prove it in the way they care, and carry with empathy and professionalism for their customers. I would always recommend them, they were there for my BSc, MA and now an MPhill/PhD. They cannot do enough to help. Thank you.

    Mossley student N/A
    Our Response

    Thank you

  • The assessor was great, made me feel at ease and comfortable, even though I was quite nervous about the appointment at first. The help I’m receiving as a result of the assessment is fantastic and really helps me with my academic work. The mentoring support is the most useful, I only wish I asked for help earlier than in my last year of uni.
    Liverpool student N/A
    Our Response

    We are happy you found this experience positive and study outcomes supportive.

  • Extremely easy to talk to, very welcoming, creates a relaxing environment and very understanding. I now feel, with the assessors’ help and recommendations, i can now achieve my goals and head towards a bright future

    Lauren N/A
    Our Response

    Thank you Lauren

  • My assessor knew exactly what questions to ask to find out what my needs are. I was also very surprised at the range of options there are to maximise my learning potential and am looking forward to progressing with my degree with the recommended support. My assessor was absolutely excellent and I was genuinely moved by the understanding and recognition shown to how frustrating it is to have the academic ability but not be able to achieve my potential as a result of my disability. My assessment far exceeded my expectations and myself and my partner were extremely happy with the professionalism of my assessor and the depth and breadth of knowledge pertaining to my difficulties. Far exceeded my expectations. Excellent. My assessment encapsulated everything we discussed and was an excellent overall assessment of my needs which will help me throughout my entire degree journey.Thank you for a very beneficial experience which will pay dividends throughout my study. I was very apprehensive about the assessment and being able to have a home visit helped massively and my assessor was everything I could ask for and more. Very impressed Also,a few months into my course a tutor told me about another piece of potentially useful course orientated software. I contacted my assessor and I had the software within a week. For anyone apprehensive about going through the assessment it is very informal and there is so much more to offer in ways of support. Please, if you’re in need of any assistance, please reach out because it’s already changed my life.

    Ragan N/A
    Our Response

    Thank you Ragan

  • I had a brilliant assessment. The assessor was very professional, kind, courteous, very sympathetic to my conditions and extremely warm and down to earth. I can actually say that I enjoyed my time with the assessor, which is not what I was expecting as I usually find assessments emotionally upsetting. Thank you to the assessor for all your hard work – I am truly grateful.

    Alethea N/A
    Our Response

    Thank you, Alethea.

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