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Assessing your learning needs is not something to be worried about. Our friendly team are always here to help to guide you through the process. The first step is getting to know more about you and how you learn, before exploring how we can provide assistance to help you study more effectively.

  • Extremely easy to talk to, very welcoming, creates a relaxing environment and very understanding. I now feel, with the assessors’ help and recommendations, i can now achieve my goals and head towards a bright future

    Lauren N/A
    Our Response

    Thank you Lauren

  • My assessor knew exactly what questions to ask to find out what my needs are. I was also very surprised at the range of options there are to maximise my learning potential and am looking forward to progressing with my degree with the recommended support. My assessor was absolutely excellent and I was genuinely moved by the understanding and recognition shown to how frustrating it is to have the academic ability but not be able to achieve my potential as a result of my disability. My assessment far exceeded my expectations and myself and my partner were extremely happy with the professionalism of my assessor and the depth and breadth of knowledge pertaining to my difficulties. Far exceeded my expectations. Excellent. My assessment encapsulated everything we discussed and was an excellent overall assessment of my needs which will help me throughout my entire degree journey.Thank you for a very beneficial experience which will pay dividends throughout my study. I was very apprehensive about the assessment and being able to have a home visit helped massively and my assessor was everything I could ask for and more. Very impressed Also,a few months into my course a tutor told me about another piece of potentially useful course orientated software. I contacted my assessor and I had the software within a week. For anyone apprehensive about going through the assessment it is very informal and there is so much more to offer in ways of support. Please, if you’re in need of any assistance, please reach out because it’s already changed my life.

    Ragan N/A
    Our Response

    Thank you Ragan

  • I had a brilliant assessment. The assessor was very professional, kind, courteous, very sympathetic to my conditions and extremely warm and down to earth. I can actually say that I enjoyed my time with the assessor, which is not what I was expecting as I usually find assessments emotionally upsetting. Thank you to the assessor for all your hard work – I am truly grateful.

    Alethea N/A
    Our Response

    Thank you, Alethea.

  • The assessor made sure I was totally at ease and comfortable, and explained everything efficiently without being condescending. The assessor was brilliant throughout the entire assessment, and I left very happy. Overall a very positive experience.

    Joe Sciences (Combined)
    Our Response

    Thank you, Joe.

  • Our experience with Broadbent & Co has been first class from start to finish being an organisation run to the highest professional standards. Immediately upon meeting her assessor, my daughter Charlotte was made to feel at ease from the outset with her feeling fully supported and listened to throughout what was a very thorough, concise and engaging assessment conducted by an expert in his field. No stone was left unturned with all Charlotte’s needs being identified and explored. The assessment was solution-driven providing Charlotte with a personalised support package which has proved invaluable to her during her studies at university. I personally was very impressed with the manner in which the assessor conducted the assessment and subsequent report, I knew my daughter was in ‘safe hands’. It was evident that this assessor truly cared and delivered an exceptional service, thank you. Indeed after the actual assessment the support provided by the assessor was on-going ensuring for a smooth transition of support services in a prompt and timely fashion. Nothing was or indeed is too much trouble. Charlotte felt empowered as a result of the friendly, approachable and strategic assessment conducted by the assessor with her feeling reassured as she began her university life.

    Caroline N/A
    Our Response

    Thank you, Caroline, for taking the time to submit this feedback.

  • The assessor at Broadbent and Co constantly provided outstanding help and support and nothing was too much trouble. The assessor was able to sort out a couple of minor issues with suppliers quickly and the ongoing support was unwavering. The assessor is a credit to your company and has inspired me to do well with my upcoming degree course.

    Anonymous N/A
    Our Response

    Thank you.

  • My assessor was very patient throughout the assessment. The assessor listened to all my comments and suggested various solutions to help with my problem, all of which were very useful. The assessor was friendly and answered all my questions in great detail with confidence and understanding. Overall, the experience I had at this centre was extremely positive.

    Anonymous N/A
    Our Response

    Thank you for taking the time to submit this feedback.

  • Great service, was made to feel very welcome and comfortable during the assessment. I was a little nervous but the assessor was very friendly and made me feel relaxed. Thank you

    Demi English Language
    Our Response

    Thank you, Demi.

  • I visited this company on the 1/09/17 and was really impressed with the service I received.. I felt very comfortable and positive about my experience here. The meeting was professional, welcoming and very productive. Thank you for all the help.

    Anonymous Mental Health Studies
    Our Response

    Thank you for this positive feedback.

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