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Assessing your learning needs is not something to be worried about. Our friendly team are always here to help to guide you through the process. The first step is getting to know more about you and how you learn, before exploring how we can provide assistance to help you study more effectively.

  • The assessor and staff at the office are fantastic and remembered and traced my long name so many years later. The service from the 1st phone call, with the assessment centre until the end was outstanding. They truly went the extra mile to help me. They were very friendly, professional and I felt listened all the time.

    My request was a bit of an odd request but to me it was key weather or not to go back to study as I am thinking to do a Masters course and without the medical report I wasn’t going to enroll to the course. The member of staff was so patient to look through all the past years and they were fantastic!!!

    They are all so helpful and friendly. I would definitely recommend this centre.

    Liverpool John Moores University. B A Hons Int Bus Studies with French
    Our Response

    We are glad to have helped traced your report to enable you to continue with your studies. Good luck with everything. Thank you for your feedback.

  • I was really anxious about the assessment, but the assessor explained everything to me in details, very slowly.
    The assessor was really professional, compassionate, friendly and was very knowledgeable about my conditions: which saved me explaining things.
    I was given good advice on what is most suited to my needs .
    The whole experience was delightful I would definitely recommend this centre.

    Manchester Met University. Human Physiology
    Our Response

    Thank you for your feedback, this is greatly appreciated to us. Glad you are happy with your assessment experience.

  • The room is within the Library itself, tucked away adjacent to the lift.
    The interview was fantastic, the woman who assumed me was understanding and took time to listen.
    I was worried about the meeting, thinking that they would scrutinise my condition, but this was not the case, the woman was understanding and compassionate.

    Liverpool John Moores University. Computer Science
    Our Response

    Glad you are happy with your assessment experience, Thank you for taking time to add your feedback.

  • I can’t thank the staff that work here enough for everything they did during this process. My appointment was arranged as quickly as possible and they were considerate enough to work around the exams that I was completing.
    The appointment itself was fantastic. The Assessor listened to everything I had to say and asked lots of questions to gain a deeper understanding.
    The Assessor then showed me all of the equipment they thought would be helpful and honestly everything they thought of was! All of the tools would have been really helpful during college so I’m looking forward to uni a lot more now I now I have tools to help me.
    The report itself was written quickly and in so much detail. All in all you really
    feel like everyone is on your side and wants to help you.

    University of York. Psychology
    Our Response

    Glad the assessment was beneficial to you and you are looking forward to University more now you know you have support and equipment in place. Thank you for your feedback, this is greatly appreciated to us.

  • There can be an air of unease around assessments because they’re often quite formal and serious. My assessment with Broadbent and Co. was very relaxed.
    I’d never had any assistance with a learning difficulty before so I was a little worried about appearing stupid or, alternatively, seeming like I didn’t need the support I was to receive.
    The assessment was a lot more cooperative then what I expected. My assessor suggested some software or hardware that could help me with X, Y and Z issue I have with my learning and I was free to give input on whether or not I felt that would be useful.
    It was nice to not feel patronised for the areas in which I struggle and get useful and relevant support for it.

    University of Huddersfield. Science Extended Degree
    Our Response

    Thank you for your feedback, your comments are greatly appreciated to us.

  • The assessor made the assessment feel very relaxed, and went through the assessment at steady pace explaining every aspect. I have just had my study needs assessment with an assessor from Broadbent & Co. I was a little apprehensive about the appointment because I didn’t really know what to expect but the needs assessor was so kind and friendly and really put me at ease.
    The assessor thoroughly worked through my history, checking all the relevant details and then made so many recommendations.
    They recommended equipment and software that I didn’t even know existed that will make my life at university so much easier. I am amazed at how much help I will receive and can’t wait to start university now.
    Many thanks to Broadbent & Co.engaging and understanding to my needs which helped with the assessment.

    University of Cumbria. Ba Hons, working with children & families
    Our Response

    Glad your equipment and support will make your life at University so much easier and you found your assessment very beneficial. Thank you for taking time to submit your feedback.

  • An in depth observation of how my son’s difficulties would affect his ability to access and succeed at university; undertaken by a supportive, considerate assessor with a wealth of experience and understanding of his condition.
    Excellent. Thank you.

    Manchester Met University. Microbiology & Molecular Biology
    Our Response

    Thank you for your feedback, this is greatly appreciated to us. We wish your Son every success at University and for the future.

  • Before my appointment I was really nervous as I didn’t know what to expect. The assessor made me feel really at ease, was really helpful and informative. I felt as though I could really open up and tell them my needs.
    I feel like I received compassionate care from my assessor and the support that is to be put in place will hopefully help me reach my full potential at university.

    University of Northumbria at Newcastle. Nursing Studies (Adult)
    Our Response

    Glad you found your assessment beneficial and the support will help you reach your full potential at University. Thank you for your comments. Your feedback is appreciated.

  • I had previously had an assessment a few years ago but this was carried out on the telephone (not very successfully!) and so I was apprehensive about having to attend a centre for a full assessment. I didn’t even think there was anything I could be helped with anyone but it was a requirement of SFE.
    I could not have been more mistaken! From the moment I got there, I felt reassured and my assessor went out of their way to spend time with me to work out needs I didn’t even realise I could get help with! I just talked about my studying on a daily basis and the way in which my ill-health and disabilities impacted on this -together we were able to come up with some ideas that have really helped me.
    The equipment and other services that I have now received have quite literally transformed my studying abilities and I could not be more grateful. The assessment centre was very pleasant and the assessor was fantastic. I was able to ask questions and was provided with plenty of opportunities to discuss options. It was an extremely positive experience and I am so glad that my assessment was carried out by both Broadbent and that particular assessor!

    Open University. Psychology Degree
    Our Response

    So glad to hear your equipment and support received has transformed your studying abilities. Thank you for taking time to add your feedback, this is really appreciated.

  • Outstanding service! The assessor immediately put me at ease and I felt he understood all the difficulties I might face when attending the University.
    I would certainly recommend this company to anyone.
    I have had a few assessments over the years but the level of support I received at this one was second to none. Many many thanks, I couldn’t have asked for more.

    University of Worcester. Understanding Sexual & Domestic violence
    Our Response

    Glad you felt at ease and found your assessment beneficial. Thank you for your feedback, this is greatly appreciated to us.

  • It was a brilliant experience. As soon as I reached the centre I was welcomed by a really lovely person which was unexpected!! They also offered me and my dad drinks which was lovely and really helped to calm my nerves down as I do get really nervous going into new places.
    The assessor who did my assessment was really kind and they explained everything in detail to me and they urged that i understood.
    The assessor also did their own research about my disability which I thought was convenient.
    They were really organised they knew what they were doing and showed me some cool apps that would help me to study a lot more easier. Even after the assessment I was still able to phone or contact Broadbent anytime and I would get a quick reply.
    I have had a fantastic time here and would recommend a lot of people to choose Broadbent.

    U C Oldham. Early Years B A Hons
    Our Response

    Glad you felt welcome at our centre and you have had a great experience with us and good luck with your studies. Thank you for your feedback, this is greatly appreciated to us.

  • I found the whole experience really great! The assessor was very understanding of my condition and how it can influence my studies. It is great that there is help out there as I would never have known without this assessment.
    Being a mature student I feel more confident returning to study and dealing with any issues that may arise during the course

    University of Derby. Occupational therapy
    Our Response

    Thank you for your feedback. Glad you found our assessment beneficial and you are feeling more confident returning to studying.

  • Thanks to my assessor, for a comprehensive, kind and understanding assessment. We discussed all elements of my disability, and how it affects my studies. They dealt with the details with professionalism and courtesy. Thank you for making my experience a positive one.

    University of Leeds. Adult Nursing
    Our Response

    Thank you for your feedback, this is greatly appreciated to us. Glad you found your assessment a positive and beneficial experience.

  • I was nervous about doing this and I didn’t think they could help me, but My assessor was very approachable, listened very attentively and emphatically. I was initially nervous about being assessed however the assessor very quickly put my mind at ease by my assessors approach.
    The results of the assessment have meant some much needed support that will help me stay on my course and hopefully complete my studies. I found it an excellent service, and feel like I would have accessed the support earlier had I known the process was going to be this straightforward and helpful.
    I went along and met the assessor, who was really friendly and helped me feel very relaxed about talking about the help I needed and also finding out bits of help I needed that I wasn’t actually aware of. I felt they understood me and was there to help me as much as they could.
    Today I get all the help I need to be successful at completing my Degree. Thank you for your support and help. This is a fantastic company and I would highly recommend them.

    University of Chester. Art Therapy
    Our Response

    Thank you for your feedback, this is greatly appreciated to us. Glad you are finding the help and support assisting with your studies and helping you complete your degree. Good luck.

  • Broadbent were very helpful when booking, and when I needed to reschedule due to my child being poorly. Everyone concerned was lovely and helped to put me at ease.
    The assessment was very straightforward involving questions and answers about my history and experiences, so was not a test at all. I had noted some things down so that I didn’t forget, but I needn’t have. There was plenty of opportunity for me to ask questions too.
    Overall a very positive experience, and I am glad I booked with Broadbent.

    Bournemouth University. BSC hons Adult Nursing
    Our Response

    We are glad you felt our assessment beneficial and a positive experience. Thank you for your feedback, this is greatly appreciated to us.

  • I would normally find this stressful, but I was made to feel completely at ease throughout my whole assessment.
    You do a great job. Thank you so much for your help and support.

    University of Bolton. B A Hons Art & Design
    Our Response

    We are glad you felt our assessment was stress free and you are benefiting from our help and support. thank you for your feedback.

  • “I went to the assessment yesterday and thought it was brilliant.
    The woman who assessed me was so brilliant and understood my difficulties very well. The level of support that was described to me at the assessment in addition to the programmes which were shown to me on the computer blew me away.
    Highly recommend to people as it’s so helpful to have this support and compassion in place.”

    Liverpool John Moores University. Mental Health Nursing
    Our Response

    Thank you for your feedback, this is greatly appreciated.

  • “Today I was very politely welcomed into the assessment centre by my assessor.
    They made me feel very comfortable and they also welcomed my chaperone into an office where they described in great detail the type of help I can possibly receive whilst I study at university and at home.
    I left feeling very satisfied that someone was willing to help me as much as possible so I in turn can help others thank you so much.”

    University of Sunderland. Social Work
    Our Response

    Thank you for your feedback, this is greatly appreciated to us.

  • “I had a really positive experience. My assessor was helpful, listened and put some great support in place for when I start in September.”

    Edge Hill University. Childhood & Youth Studies
    Our Response

    Thank you for your feedback, Glad you are feeling prepared for your course starting in September.

  • “I found the whole experience really straightforward.
    The assessor was there to understand the difficulties I had and to identity solutions. They were friendly, understanding and knowledgeable and able to recommend equipment and support to make my studies as easy and pain-free as possible.
    Totally different from DWP benefit assessments, so don’t be put off applying for DSA because of a bad experience with ATOS.”

    University of Manchester. PG Med Education.
    Our Response

    Glad our services have assisted your studies. Thank you for your feedback.

  • “It was easy to access and book an assessment . The staff were friendly and helpful and i was made to feel welcome and comfortable. The assessment was simple it was just talking and it was nice to know what I was allowed to access.”

    University of Bournemouth. Ba Anthropology & Sociology.
    Our Response

    Thank you for your feedback. Much appreciated.

  • “My assessor was fantastic! Very kind and welcoming. They were also well informed and thoroughly committed to ensuring my needs were understood and met.”

    Falmouth University. Marine & Natural History Photography.
    Our Response

    Thank you for your feedback, much appreciated.

  • “I dreaded my DSA interview as my physical and psychological problems include fatigue and communication fears, but the interview and the report were brilliant 🙂 and I am SO SO grateful to my Needs Assessor, from Broadbent & Co..
    They were incredibly understanding and helpful ; because they were so well informed about medical and mental health matters, and how they might affect studying at Uni, they were able to help me through all the questions and they wrote a long, very accurate and detailed report.
    They made recommendations for equipment that helped me enormously – and will help me for years to come.

    Everyone involved in my assessment and those who provided and delivered the equipment were really friendly and understanding. The equipment was very high standard. I’m SO glad I was persuaded to apply for a DSA – do it!!! it will change your life for the better and you will get an amazing level of support.

    I had never had so much help before and feeling understood and supported made a HUGE difference to me, and to my family and friends. A massive THANK YOU to all involved
    in the DSA.”

    University of Cumbria. Illustration & Fine Arts.
    Our Response

    Glad our service and assistance has made a huge difference to you. Thank you for your feedback. It is invaluable to us.

  • “My DSA process was the smoothest thing and I got all the relevant support put in place just before I started university.
    Honestly this service is highly recommended and I see why!”

    University of Sussex. Criminology Ba (hons)
    Our Response

    Your feedback is greatly appreciated, thank you.

  • “Broadbent & Co have been fantastic. They have provided good support throughout the whole process.
    I had the pleasure of receiving help from them during my undergrad, and now again for my masters.
    They are lovely and polite, and are always happy to help.
    Everything is always very professional, whilst still keeping things comfortable. Highly recommend.”

    University of Huddersfield. P.G. Forensic Science.
    Our Response

    Glad you have benefited from our service. Thank you for your feedback. Much appreciated.

  • “I could not be more grateful for the wonderful support I have received through Broadbent and Co.
    The process was as stress-free as possible, and I felt comfortable and reassured when discussing my study needs. Knowledge and expertise were second to none, and my report was completed quickly and in incredible detail. Thank you very much!”

    University of Manchester. Med Psychology of Education.
    Our Response

    Thank you for your lovely comments and feedback. This is greatly appreciated to us.

  • “I am very happy with the help I received from the service.
    The assessment was set in a nice, friendly environment and the way the assessment was laid out was very organised. I learned everything that was being put in place for me and I’m very thankful for what I have received because it’s helped me a lot.
    The people are very nice and helpful to talk to and there’s nothing bad I could say about it. Everything has been very helpful.”

    University of Bolton. Fine Art.
    Our Response

    Your feedback is much appreciated. Thank you.

  • “The assessor was very helpful and understanding and also allowed me to message him after the initial assessment to update him on some things that I had missed out.
    They updated my claim which was very helpful. Overall I was very satisfied. Thank you.”

    York College. PGCE
    Our Response

    Thank you for your feedback,

  • “I had an amazing experience with Broadbent & Co.
    My assessor was fantastic, super professional and knew what to ask and say, very kind. They made me feel very comfortable and relaxed.
    Altogether, fantastic company, centre and employees.
    Many thanks.”

    University of Huddersfield. Music.
    Our Response

    Your feedback and lovely comments are much appreciated, thank you.

  • “Thank you so much for all your help and support during my assessment.
    Your kindness, knowledge, expertise, understanding and your amazing way with people shines through.
    Felt very seen, understood and heard.
    You made it a very positive experience, thank you.”

    University of Chester. Trauma Psychology
    Our Response

    Thank you for your lovely comments, greatly appreciated.

  • “Absolutely first class. I was very nervous, but the assessor made me feel welcome and that they were there for me. They guided me through, asking questions to fully ascertain my personal needs.
    The whole team were outstanding. The equipment supplied is also excellent and has made a real difference to my study. If anyone needs an assessment, I highly recommend Broadbent & Co.”

    O U. Open degree with Hons
    Our Response

    Thank you for your feedback. Glad our services have made a difference to your studies.

  • “Have to say I highly recommend this centre.
    My assessor was lovely a real credit to the company. Their knowledge of my disability was amazing. Really helped me and understood the issues I have to face on a daily basis and showed me some amazing products that will help me thrive in my chosen academic study’s.
    The building was a beautiful setting and helped to put me at ease. The appointment booking was quick and easy and no long wait like other companies. Overall a great experience. Highly recommend this company and it’s staff.”

    University of Salford. Politics.
    Our Response

    Lovely comments, thank you. Your feedback is essential to us.

  • “Today’s assessment has totally boosted my self esteem and my confidence, very much appreciated thank you very much.”

    Manchester Student. Abbass
    Our Response

    Thank you for your comments.

  • “I was really quite nervous about this ‘assessment’ but the assessor made me feel very at ease from the beginning.
    Extremely glad I went it was extremely helpful and I left feeling very positive and optimistic about my future. Thank you !”

    Open University. BA (Honours) Business Management.
    Our Response

    Thank you for your feedback.

  • “I would like to say thank you so much for the help and understanding at the assessment, I was unsure what the expectations were but I was put at ease straight away and it felt like a chat with a friend.
    I would like to say a big thank you to my assessor, for the explanations of the software used, also showing me what they look like so it will not be that overwhelming when I start to use it…. your help and understanding during the ‘chat’ was very much appreciated. the help received has let me relax and look forward to starting the next stage in my life and given me hope to going further. thank you all at Broadbent & co.”

    University of Bolton. Masters Degree - Fine Art
    Our Response

    Thank you for your feedback, this is greatly appreciated.

  • “I had my assessment with an adviser who was pleasant, patient, and professional, explaining in detail the reason for the assessment.
    I was made to feel comfortable, and for me to ask questions at anytime If I didn’t understand anything. They continue to support me every step of the way regarding my educational needs, please don’t hesitate to contact them. This company is very friendly, helpful, and informative, and I would certainly recommend them.”

    University of Salford. Adult Nursing.
    Our Response

    Thank you for your feedback. It is very important to us.

  • “What a brilliant assessment. I have come out of it knowing I can do this. The assessor was so helpful, reassuring and supportive. Offered lots of tips and advice on how to help me study. Showed me some of the recommended software and how to use it and how it might help.
    I was so apprehensive about the appointment but now I feel really positive and cannot wait to start my course.
    The assessor was lovely,delightful and friendly. She told me I could take a break whenever needed, but she was so nice I didn’t need to. The assessor acted like they wanted what was best for me, to help me progress. I suffer from anxiety and depression but I will definitely say to anyone in a similar position, please do not worry, this assessment was very smooth and easy. Its like chatting to a friend it felt so natural. With tips, advice and the recommendations given.
    I feel more positive than ever that I am making the right decision to go back to study (even at my ripe old age of 50!) Thank you for making the process so smooth and reassuring. You have made me even more excited about being a student.”

    University of Hertfordshire. MSC Mental Health Recovery & Social Inclusion
    Our Response

    Your feedback is much appreciated, many thanks.

  • “What a simple easy assessment. When I heard the word ‘assessment’ I thought… oh no not another one as being like a rabbit in headlights with the process. How wrong was I? The informal chat was the most mind easing thing ever.
    My assessor went though all the possible options for me and went though how they would benefit my education. We had a talk about my initial assessment and brought it back to real life scenarios not just university work. My assessor let me try the equipment out and went above and beyond to ensure that they had the correct software for my specific course.
    Broadbent & Co were so quick to respond and managed to get me an appointment within 2 days of DSA getting back to me! My assessor made me feel at ease and made me feel confident about starting assignments. My assessor actually listened to my needs and put things in place that she thought would be beneficial.
    I would highly recommend this company to any students needing a needs assessment carried out!!”

    University of Huddersfield. Adult Nursing
    Our Response

    Thank you for your feedback.

  • “Broadbent and Co provided a very friendly and positive environment in which to discuss my needs. My assessor made me feel comfortable and offered useful suggestions that had not occurred to me and have since proved invaluable to me in coping with university life. If I had a concern, they provided excellent communication over email, responding promptly.
    I would hugely recommend the DSA assessment as it provides you with a very comfortable and safe environment in which to discuss your needs and provides you with information and suggestions that may not otherwise be considered, placing you in the best possible position for starting university.”

    University of Reading. Ba Art & Film.
    Our Response

    Thank you for your feedback. Glad to have made a difference in your "university life".

  • “The assessor was absolutely fantastic, very welcoming, kind and patient, I felt at ease and not worried when I was unsure on the questions asked as they had brilliant alternatives on asking questions. They were very thorough with me.
    Could not have asked for a better assessment. Left with a weight of my shoulders!!!!”

    University of Teeside. Ba (hons) Social work
    Our Response

    Your feedback is appreciated. Glad to be of assistance.

  • “I would like to say a very big “Thank You” to the assessor for the time they took to go through my assessment. The assessor was friendly, kind and most of all very understanding to my needs. They explained the process to me in a way that I was able to absorb and understand. I felt nervous as I never knew what to expect but they made me feel very reassured that they were there to help me with my learning disability and there to help me get the tools that I needed to help me with my studies.

    The process lasted 2 hours but you are able to take a break and have a drink in between, if needed. If you are struggling with a learning disability and need help, do not hesitate to use this company to help you with your future studies.”

    University of Northumbria at Newcastle. Social work degree.
    Our Response

    Glad to be of service, thank you for your feedback.

  • “My assessment with the assessor went very well. It was at a pace suitable for me to understand and I didn’t feel rushed when answering. I was made to feel supported and didn’t feel judged at all.
    I would recommend this facility for any student who requires a DSA assessment.
    Considerate and very supportive throughout the entire process.”

    O U. Ba Hons, criminology & psychology
    Our Response

    Your feedback is appreciated, thank you.

  • “I had my assessment a while ago now for my Master’s degree and more recently a review as I have transferred to a research-based course. My assessor was so nice and helpful. As a mature student, I had no idea I needed this level of help but my assessor was fantastic in explaining everything and taking me through the assessment process.
    Throughout, Broadbents and my assessor, have been very supportive and quick at responding to any questions or issues which have cropped up. Broadbents have been a vital for my learning whilst back at University. Thank you all so much.”

    University of Huddersfield. PHD Sociology
    Our Response

    Thank you for your feedback. Glad to have assisted in your studies.

  • “I was really nervous about the whole process of being assessed and talking to anyone about the equipment that I needed – Broadbent and my assessor really helped diminish any worries that I had by explaining everything that I needed to know and making me feel comfortable in explaining my study needs.

    I now feel a lot less anxious about my studies, due to the help that I received here, as well as the useful equipment that I received as a result of my DSA assessment.”

    U o B Media production
    Our Response

    Glad to be of service.

  • “I am so glad I chose Broadbent & Co for my needs assessment! From the initial phone call to arrange an appointment, I noticed they were very helpful and accommodating to offer me a suitable time to fit in with uni which was reassuring. To be honest I was not looking forward to the needs assessment, as I found the whole dyslexia process lengthy and a real challenge and with all these concerns I unsure what this next stage would bring.

    Well, my needs assessment was the best experience! This was the first time I actually felt someone genuinely wanted to help, listen and support me with the difficulties I was facing in my studies. My assessment was very thorough and I felt comfortable with discussing my challenges with my assessor who really gave me a sense of confidence in dealing with my assessment and report. I really appreciate the efficiency in processing my report and how I was kept up to date with emails from the team. Overall I want to say a very BIG THANK YOU to my assessor for the support and all the assistance I received, I am so pleased to have been assessed by Broadbent & Co!”

    Birmingham Student N/A
    Our Response

    Thank you for your feedback submission.

  • I had an assessment a few months ago. I’m not very good using a computer. The receptionist at Broadbent company helped me sort everything out after I had my assessment. The things that needed completing on the computer were too difficult for me to do. When I rang Broadbent’s company the receptionist offered straight away to help with the computer things. I am very grateful. Everything has been sorted out for me and my support worker is now being arranged for the start of course on 6th October. The receptionist was lovely and knows absolutely everything about computers. They didn’t mind helping at all. Thank you very much

    Huddersfield student N/A
    Our Response

    Thank you

  • I was really nervous about my DSA assessment because I didn’t know what to expect – I thought it would be like a test- but the assessor was so helpful and explained that they were there to help me get the equipment and support I needed to achieve my degree. I got more from the assessment than I was expecting to. I was given some really useful software, assistive technology and advice. The assessor was also very helpful at following up on any issues I had with the equipment/support I was provided. Definitely don’t be worried and get your DSA assessment done because it’s so helpful.

    Bournemouth student N/A
    Our Response

    Thank you.

  • Prior to my assessment, I was incredibly nervous and did not know what to expect. The assessor quickly put me at ease and explained the process and details in a calm and timely manner. We later discussed any worries and issues I had and formulated a plan to help combat this. I had a positive experience with the company and would highly recommend them.

    Newcastle student N/A
    Our Response

    Thank you, your feedback is appreciated!

  • My experiences with Broadbents can only be defined as excellent. The idea of “Going the extra mile” may be a Roman one, but this company prove it in the way they care, and carry with empathy and professionalism for their customers. I would always recommend them, they were there for my BSc, MA and now an MPhill/PhD. They cannot do enough to help. Thank you.

    Mossley student N/A
    Our Response

    Thank you

  • The assessor was great, made me feel at ease and comfortable, even though I was quite nervous about the appointment at first. The help I’m receiving as a result of the assessment is fantastic and really helps me with my academic work. The mentoring support is the most useful, I only wish I asked for help earlier than in my last year of uni.
    Liverpool student N/A
    Our Response

    We are happy you found this experience positive and study outcomes supportive.

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