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“What a simple easy assessment. When I heard the word ‘assessment’ I thought… oh no not another one as being like a rabbit in headlights with the process. How wrong was I? The informal chat was the most mind easing thing ever.
My assessor went though all the possible options for me and went though how they would benefit my education. We had a talk about my initial assessment and brought it back to real life scenarios not just university work. My assessor let me try the equipment out and went above and beyond to ensure that they had the correct software for my specific course.
Broadbent & Co were so quick to respond and managed to get me an appointment within 2 days of DSA getting back to me! My assessor made me feel at ease and made me feel confident about starting assignments. My assessor actually listened to my needs and put things in place that she thought would be beneficial.
I would highly recommend this company to any students needing a needs assessment carried out!!”