I was nervous about doing this and I didn’t think they could help me, but My assessor was very approachable, listened very attentively and emphatically. I was initially nervous about being assessed however the assessor very quickly put my mind at ease by my assessors approach.
The results of the assessment have meant some much needed support that will help me stay on my course and hopefully complete my studies. I found it an excellent service, and feel like I would have accessed the support earlier had I known the process was going to be this straightforward and helpful.
I went along and met the assessor, who was really friendly and helped me feel very relaxed about talking about the help I needed and also finding out bits of help I needed that I wasn’t actually aware of. I felt they understood me and was there to help me as much as they could.
Today I get all the help I need to be successful at completing my Degree. Thank you for your support and help. This is a fantastic company and I would highly recommend them.