I would like to express my thankfulness and gratitude for  the staff who helped me arrange my assessment and guide me through the process from the evidence to the initial assessment. I would like to say a very big thank you to the assessor and their colleagues for the time they took to go through my assessment and explain everything to me. They were really reassuring, I was anxious and they were friendly, kind and most of all very understanding to my various complex needs. They explained the
process to me in a way that I was able to absorb and understand and process.

At first I felt nervous as I never knew what to expect as this was a new place I had never been to. The whole system was new to me but they made me feel very reassured that they were there to help me with my specific learning disability and explained what would help me with my studies.

The process lasted for a few hours but I was able to take a break when I needed to and have a drink in between, if needed.

If you are struggling with a learning disability and need help, do not hesitate to use this company to help you with your future studies and help to get the best, which will help and assist you to succeed.