Thank you, Broadbent & Co. I attended not knowing what to expect. I have recently been diagnosed with a long-term health problem/disability and was positively impressed by the needs assessors approach. Extremely polite, courteous and professional. They advised and recommended a number of aids to assist in my studies which I had no idea were available (ergonomic equipment). The support and equipment they have advised SFE via DSA to put in place has been approved and is due for delivery within the next few weeks. They have certainly helped make my return to full-time education as simple and straightforward as possible, especially with regards to the study aids supplied to enable me to work ‘smarter’ (computer software and assistive technology). Also, with an operation due during the course of my first academic year, which could have had a serious impact on my studies, they were able to advise and secure financial aid from a classroom support and transport point of view, again all approved by SFE. Would I recommend? Without hesitation! Again, thank you Broadbent & Co. for a pleasant, polite and professional way of working with your clients/customers!