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Assessing your learning needs is not something to be worried about. Our friendly team are always here to help to guide you through the process. The first step is getting to know more about you and how you learn, before exploring how we can provide assistance to help you study more effectively.

  • Did not realize how much support I actually needed. As a more mature student I thought ‘just to get on with it’, but after a comprehensive, friendly and very informative assessment my time at Uni should be less traumatic (for all). Thank you for all time and effort I’ll do my best to implement all the aids recommended.”

    Clive - Student
    Our Response

    Many thanks for the positive feedback Clive.

  • These guys are brilliant, they were so helpful during the assessment and even after the assessment. They were friendly, supportive and very understanding, I am very glad that I had chosen this company to do my assessment and would recommend these guys to anyone. They really made my university education much more smoother than I expected to be. Thanks Broadbent&Co.”

    Sadir - Student
    Our Response

    Thank you for your kind words.

  • I cannot thank Broadbent & Co enough, they have gone above and beyond to help me and now I feel much more confident in my academics. It’s very refreshing to meet people who genuinely care about you and your education. I can’t compliment them enough.”

    John - Student
    Our Response

    Thank you for your kind words.

  • Before the assessment I had no idea how useful it would turn out to be. The staff are very friendly over email, phone and in person, I certainly felt like I was being treated as a person rather than a number which was great. During my assessment, the assessor was very thorough and made detailed notes whilst still being very attentive, we discussed many items and technologies that may have been helpful during my studies, many of which were things I was not aware would be available! All equipment was arranged and delivered efficiently and I made good use of it all! Great experience with Broadbent & co overall, no complaints.”

    Alex - Studying English
    Our Response

    Thank you Alex for your comments, they are very much appreciated. All our staff try and make what can be a challenging experience for students, a positive experience.

  • Assessor was outstanding and to say I am pleased with all the help and advice is an understatement. Of course I know the help Assessor and I discussed is not guaranteed but even so, the advice was invaluable.

    I wasn’t going to apply for DSA because I hate to ‘kick up a fuss’ but I’m so relieved that I did. All the considerable concerns I had re my disability (which is a relatively new issue for me) and studying have been halved at least.

    I’m very aware that often people only write to complain so I’m bucking the trend! You, the staff and your partners at Bolton University have been nothing short of fantastic going the extra mile at every opportunity.”

    Sian - Studying at Bolton University
    Our Response

    Thank you, glad we could help.

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