“I dreaded my DSA interview as my physical and psychological problems include fatigue and communication fears, but the interview and the report were brilliant šŸ™‚ and I am SO SO grateful to my Needs Assessor, from Broadbent & Co..
They were incredibly understanding and helpful ; because they were so well informed about medical and mental health matters, and how they might affect studying at Uni, they were able to help me through all the questions and they wrote a long, very accurate and detailed report.
They made recommendations for equipment that helped me enormously – and will help me for years to come.

Everyone involved in my assessment and those who provided and delivered the equipment were really friendly and understanding. The equipment was very high standard. Iā€™m SO glad I was persuaded to apply for a DSA – do it!!! it will change your life for the better and you will get an amazing level of support.

I had never had so much help before and feeling understood and supported made a HUGE difference to me, and to my family and friends. A massive THANK YOU to all involved
in the DSA.”