I attended this assessment with my daughter and to be honest had no idea what to expect, only that it would take up to 2 hours. We met with the assessor and I have to say any initial nerves were left at the door. The process was explained in a way that was easy for my daughter to understand and she was in no way made to feel she had to ‘evidence’ her disability at each stage. It was more like an informal chat but cleverly done so that the assessor could get the information she needed.

The assessor was a mind of information and totally understood the needs of my daughter and came up with suitable aides and tools to support her in her studies.

As a parent, I can thoroughly recommend this assessment body, they have a real duty of care to the individual. If you are offered an assessment, please, please take up the appointment. If you don’t you could be missing out on some vital support tools to help your future studies.

A BIG thank you for your support and understanding.