The beginnings


Broadbent & Co. was established as a partnership in 1996 by Steven and Elizabeth Broadbent. Steven, a qualified teacher and specialist teacher of the visually impaired had spent the previous 15 years working with disabled children and adults. He then went on to set up the North West Regional Access Centre and the ACE/ACCESS Centre for Oldham Education Authority.

Elizabeth, a Chartered Physiotherapist had many years’ experience with adults and children with disabilities in the NHS, in education and for Social Services.

Their ethos was simple, they have the belief that “everyone must be seen and treated as an individual with their own individual needs. These needs must be identified in order for them to realise their own potential in education, employment and for life”.

Broadbent & Co. was one of the first independent Assessment Centres specialising in Needs Assessments in the field of disability before the advent of the Disability Discrimination and Equality Legislation. It has been our privilege to have been responsible for over 45,000 + Assessments for students since 1996.