Who are we?

Broadbent & Co was set up in 1996 by Steven and Elizabeth Broadbent. Steven Broadbent is now the Chair of Broadbent Assist Ltd., and continues to work as an Assessor and Consultant. He has been involved in assessing students with disabilities or health needs for over 25 years and established the Company in 1996.

Steve was the Chair of the National Network for Access Centres until 2013 and so has been very much involved in DSA developments at a national level.

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Employed/Self Employed Personnel (inclusive to personnel in training)
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Our Services

We have been assessing learning needs and employment needs for disabled people for over 22 years, undertaking over 29,000 Needs Assessments. We match support and assistive technology solutions to individuals to enable them to realise their potential in the learning and workplace environment. We do this through:

  • Disabled Students Allowance (DSA) individual Needs Assessments.
  • Independent individual Needs Assessments for disabled students relating to "reasonable adjustments" in higher Education Providers (HEPs). HEP funded.
  • Workplace individual Needs Assessments/Access to Work.
  • Proud Founders and Innovators within these sectors.
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